The Evje and Iveland district is famous for it's mineral richness, and thousands of collectors visit the area in order to enjoy a unique geological experience. Most of the minerals are found in so-called pegmatites, smaller bodies of rock which are very rich in pure quartz and feldspar. These have been important industrial minerals since the early beginning of human history. In addition there are found many rare minerals, some of which have been mined for their content of rare elements like beryllium, scandium, cerium and others.

At the Evje Mineralsti you can collect about 50 minerals in 5 different mines, of which the Landsverk I is the most mineral-rich of all the mines in the Evje and Iveland district. Here you find quartz and feldspar crystals, both in the mine and outside at the dumps. Minerals like calcite, pyrite, fluorite, stilbite, chabazite and monazite are found occasionally.

Not far from Evje Mineralsti you can find Oddestemmen Steinsliperi which has a variety of gift articles made in stone and a choice of Norwegian and foreign minerals (see map).